Copa do Brasil 2023 Group Key 

Are you interested in knowing the group key of the Copa do Brasil? You are in the right place! 


The most important and disputed knockout competition in Brazilian football returned with everything in 2023. This championship has more than 90 teams from all over Brazil, and from different divisions. 

All squads have only one final objective, the prize money and taking the history of being champions home. 

Change in the amount of the Copa do Brasil prize pool 

We know that all teams will do their best on the field, this Wednesday (1) the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), the largest organizer of football championships in Brazil, announces that there has been a change in the value of the prize for the champion. But of course this change was a good thing since they increased the value of the prize pool. 

Main teams that will play in the Copa do Brasil by state 

Want to know if your team is in the league? Find out which will be the main teams that will play in the Copa do Brasil. 

  • São Paulo – Corinthians, Guarani, Palmeiras, São Paulo e Santos;  
  • Rio de Janeiro – Botafogo, Vasco, Flamengo, Fluminense;  
  • Rio Grande do Sul – Grêmio, Internacional, Brasil de Pelotas, Juventude;  
  • Minas Gerais – Cruzeiro, Atlético Mineiro, América, Uberlândia;  
  • Ceará – Ferroviário, Caucaia, Pacajus;  
  • Goiás – Atlético Goianiense, Goiás, Vila Nova;  
  • Santa Catarina – Brusque, Camboriú, Marcílio Dias;  
  • Bahia – Atlético de Alagoinhas, Bahia de Feira, Jacuipense;  
  • Acre – Humaitá, São Francisco;  
  • Pernambuco – Náutico, Santa Cruz, Retrô;  
  • Alagoas – CRB, CSA, ASA;  
  • Mato Grosso – Cuiabá, União Rondonópolis, Nova Mutum;  
  • Pará – Águia de Marabá, Tuna Luso, Remo;  
  • Maranhão – Sampaio, Cordino, Tuntum  
  • Rio Grande do Norte – ABC, América;  
  • Rondônia – Real Ariquemes;  
  • Sergipe – Sergipe, Falcon;  
  • Paraíba – Campinense, Botafogo;  
  • Piauí – Fluminense-PI, Parnahyba;  
  • Amazonas – Manaus, Princesa do Solimões;  
  • Mato Grosso do Sul – Operário;  
  • Distrito Federal – Brasiliense, Ceilândia;  
  • Paraná – Coritiba, Maringá, Operário, Londrina  
  • Espírito Santo – Real Noroeste, Vitória  
  • Tocantins – Tocantinópolis;  
  • Roraima – São Raimundo;  
  • Amapá – Trem 

What was the greatest team to ever win the Copa do Brasil? 

In the last championship of the Copa do Brasil, on Wednesday (19) of 2022, Flamengo played against Corinthians in Maracanã in the final of the Copa do Brasil, playing a historic game that ended up beating Corinthians, becoming four times champion of the tournament. 

With that title Flamengo reached Palmeiras being 4 times champion of the tournament, but they are not the greatest champions. 

  See who else took that title home 

  • Cruzeiro – 6 Taças  (1993, 1996, 2000, 2003, 2017 e 2018)  
  • Grêmio – 5 Taças (1989, 1994, 1997, 2001 e 2016)  
  • Palmeiras – 4 Taças (1998, 2012, 2015 e 2020)  
  • Flamengo – 4 Taças (1990, 2006, 2013 e 2022)  
  • Corinthians – 3 Taças (1995, 2002 e 2009)  
  • Atlético-MG – 2 Taças (2014 e 2021)  
  • Fluminense – 1 Taças (2007)  
  • Internacional – 1 Taças (1992)  
  • Athletico-PR – 1 Taças (2019)  
  • Vasco – 1 Taças (2011)  
  • Santos – 1 Taças (2010)  
  • Sport – 1 Taças (2008)  
  • Paulista – 1 Taças (2005)  
  • Santo André – 1 Taças (2004)  
  • Juventude – 1 Taças (1999)  
  • Criciúma – 1 Taças (1991) 

 Date of the group stages of the Copa do Brasil 

 The CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) announced the official table of when the stages of the Copa do Brasil will take place. 

1st Phase: 02/21 to 03/02 

2nd Phase: 03/08 or 03/15. 

3rd Phase: 04/12 (first leg) and 04/26 (return games). 

Round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final: CBF Organization is deciding the date 

As of the Eighth stages of the finals, the CBF has not made available the date that the games will take place. But stay tuned and visit our blog every day and we will keep our users informed with updates to the table. 

Find out about the new reward values 

As already mentioned, this year there was a huge increase in prizes, reaching R$ 10 million more in the final value for the winner, do you want to know the new values? See the table below. 

  • Phase I: BRL 1.4 million (group 1), BRL 1.25 million (group 2) and BRL 750 thousand (group 3) 
  • Phase II: BRL 1.7 million (group 1), BRL 1.4 million (group 2) and BRL 900 thousand (group 3) 
  • Phase III: BRL 2.1 million 
  • Round of 16: R$ 3.3 million 
  • Quarterfinals: BRL 4.3 million 
  • Semifinal: BRL 9 million 
  • Runner-up: BRL 30 million 
  • Champion: BRL 70 million 

Know where to watch the games 

The games will be broadcast on an open network, but only one game chosen per round, if you want to watch all the games in the tournament it will be broadcast on a closed network, other options where to watch the complete transmission are through Pay-per-view and streaming platforms 

Stay in 

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